LifeColor Rust Compact Combo Set – 6x22ml

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Part No: LC-SPG09 – LifeColor Rust Compact Combo Set – 6x22ml

LifeColor paints are water based acrylic colours for modelling and hobby painting. They are excellent for both paint brushing and airbrushing onto plastic, resin, metal, vinyl, wood, cloth and ceramic.

This wide range of paints includes basic gloss and matt colours and mimetic, based on the Federal Standard 595b correspondence and each label shows the equivalent FS number.

The range offers many paints grouped into convenient sets for specific subjects, including tanks, aircraft, uniforms/figures, ships, railways and weathering.

Create rust and decay effects with high coverage Acrylic Paints, Liquid Pigments washes and Dry Pigment, all in one set!

This set includes:

  • UA 703 Rust Light Shadow 1 – High coverage Acrylic paint to reproduce all types of rust effects.
  • UA 704 Rust Light Shadow 2 – High coverage Acrylic paint to reproduce all types of dirt effects.
  • LPW 06 Deep Rust – Liquid Pigment for rust streaking and marks.
  • LPW 08 Eroding Light Rust – Liquid Pigment for rust streaking and marks.
  • LPW 10 Yellow Marks – Liquid Pigment for rust streaking and marks.
  • PG 107 Eroding Burned Rust – High quality Dry Pigments for adding more realistic results.

How to use LifeColor Compact Sets:

  1. Lightly dilute the acrylic colours with water or LifeColor Thinner and apply on the model with a brush or an airbrush.
  2. Once the surface is dry, wet the surface with water and apply the Liquid Pigments abundantly until the desired result is achieved. Allow the obtained effect to dry before making other applications.
  3. All LifeColor Liquid Pigments can be used with a brush or an airbrush, they are ready to use and don’t require dilution.
  4. It is possible to modulate or remove the washes with the appropriate Liquid Pigments Remover, even days after the application.
  5. Use LifeColor Dry Powder Pigments with special brushes and with the use of a fixative, mixed with water, solvents and specific mediums, or mixed with paints to obtain a dense mixture to reproduce three-dimensional effects and scraping.
  6. When using the airbrush, spray at low pressures between 10 – 20 psi. (Iwata airbrushes give the best performance and atomisation at low pressures.)
  7. Clean your airbrush with LifeColor Cleaner or Medea Airbrush Cleaner and flush through with water


Lifecolor Airbrush Guide

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