Badger Air-Brush Co. has embraced the philosophies of high quality, good value, and superior service since our inception over forty-five years ago. From the people we employ to the products we manufacture, Badger’s dedication to excellence and quality is unmatched.

Every Badger product, at every stage of production, is created with pride and dedication. Each Badger airbrush component is machined to exacting standards, assembled carefully by hand and then tested in use to assure that it not only meets our high standards, but exceeds your expectations. Our research and development teams consistently experiment with new product ideas and designs in order to meet the changing needs and interests of airbrushers of all levels for every purpose.

  • Badger 250-2 Basic Spray Gun

    £22.50 inc vat
  • Badger 250 Spray Set

    £34.99 inc vat
  • Badger 175 Crescendo Airbrush Set

    Original price was: £179.99.Current price is: £148.11. inc vat
  • Badger Mini Sandblaster Abrasive Gun Set

    £64.99 inc vat
  • Badger Mini Spray Set

    £56.99 inc vat
  • Badger 200 Precision Spray Set

    £94.99 inc vat
  • Badger 100 LG Fine Head – Gravity Feed Airbrush

    £155.00 inc vat
  • Badger 100LG Medium Head

    £155.00 inc vat
  • Badger 150- Professional Set

    £210.00 inc vat
  • Badger 155 Anthem Airbrush Set

    £175.00 inc vat
  • Badger 150 – Medium Head

    £139.99 inc vat
  • Badger 155 Anthem Airbrush

    £145.00 inc vat