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Sparmax C-TC-610H-Plus Compressor

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Art No: C-TC-610H Plus- Sparmax TC-610H Plus Compressor

The Sparmax TC-610H Plus is the an upgraded version of  the TC-610H. It features an even more protective metal case and additional 2 detachable airbrush holders, and 2 air outlets.  It delivers the most airflow in the Sparmax Achieve series, close to doubled airflow of the other compressors in the series. The TC-610H Plus also features an air tank system, offering consistent airflow with minimal pulsations.

With its extra air outlet, you can now connect two airbrushes, which is very handy when you need to change colours regularly.

The TC-610H Plus is a single cylinder compressor.

The Sparmax TC-610H Plus compressor features:

  • Zero- maintenance, oil-less piston air compressor
  • 3M braided hose
  • Detachable Pressure regulator/moisture filter & gauge set
  • 2.5 Litre Air tank with drain valve
  • Auto On/Off Switch of 40 psi/60 psi
  • 2 detachable airbrush holders
  • 2 x 1/8 BSP air outlets
  • Strong protective metal case with handle
  • Suitable for general arts, hobby, body art & temporary body tattoo, tanning
  • Duty cycle: 60 minutes continuous use. Please allow the motor to rest for at least 20 minutes after each cycle of continuous use.

Suitable for running two of the following airbrushes (or similar) concurrently:

Sparmax SP35, SP35C, MAX-3, MAX-4, HB-040, SP-20X, DH-125

  • Sparmax GP-35, GP-50
  • Premi Air G35
  • Neo for Iwata
  • Iwata Revolution BR, CR, SAR, BCR, TR1, TR2, M1, M2
  • Iwata Eclipse (or one G3, G5 or G6)
  • Iwata HP
  • Iwata HP-Plus
  • Iwata Hi-Line
  • Iwata Hi-Line HP-TH (will only run one)
  • Iwata Custom Micron
  • Iwata Kustom series (or one HP-TH)
  • Paasche CC
  • Paasche F
  • Paasche Talon
  • Paasche V
  • Paasche VJR
  • Paasche VSR90
  • Paasche VV
  • Badger 100
  • Badger 150 (except with HD head)

Suitable for running one of the following airbrushes, small spray guns or similar:

  • Iwata Eclipse G3
  • Iwata Eclipse G5
  • Iwata Eclipse G6 (not fan pattern)
  • Iwata Hi-Line HP-TH
  • Paasche H
  • Paasche HS
  • Paasche VL
  • Paasche VLS
  • Paasche MIL-SET
  • Paasche AEC
  • Paasche 200T (at low pressure for tanning)
  • Badger 150 HD
  • Badger 155
  • Badger 175
  • Badger 200
  • Badger 250
  • Badger 260
  • Badger 350
  • Sparmax GP-850
  • Flake King 500

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