Paasche VLS Airbrush Set

£158.00 inc vat

This set includes:

  • Suction Feed Double Action Internal Mix Airbrush
  • Size #1 – Spray pattern: 1/64″- 1″ (0.55mm Tip opening)
  • Size #3 – Spray pattern: 1/32″- 1 1/4″ (0.73mm Tip opening)
  • Size #5 – Spray pattern: 1/16″- 1 1/2″ (1.07mm Tip opening)

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Part No: P-VLS-SET – Paasche VLS Airbrush Set all heads, hose and bottles

This Paasche VLS Airbrush Set includes:

  • Paasche VLS#3 Airbrush
  • Metal Colour Cup (1/4 oz / 7 ml)
  • Bottle Assembly (1 oz / 29 ml)
  • Bottle Assembly (3 oz / 85 ml)
  • Bottle, Cap/Gasket (1 oz / 29 ml)
  • VLS#1 and VLS#5 Tips
  • VLS#1 and VLS#5 Needles
  • VLS#1 and VLS#5 Aircaps
  • Hanger
  • Wrench
  • 6ft Air Hose with couplings
  • “22 Airbrush Lessons” Booklet
  • Head protecting Cap


The Paasche VLS double action airbrush has unique threaded bottle connection for a secure paint bottle fit. As it comes with all the spray heads you need for most applications, it’s good value for money. Its PTFE packing allows the VLS to work with either water or solvent based paint, while the roller in front of its trigger turns it into a single action airbrush for users who want simpler control.
Cleaning the Paasche VLS is as simple as spraying the paint cleaner through the airbrush and wiping the needle.


Suitable applications:
  • Model Painting
  • Customising
  • Art & Graphics
  • Textile Art

Paasche VLS Airbrush Set features:

  • Size #1 – Spray pattern: 1/64″- 1″ (0.55 mm Tip opening) for use with light fluids, i.e. dyes, inks and acrylics
  • Size #3 – Spray pattern: 1/32″- 1 1/4″ (0.73 mm Tip opening) for use with medium fluids
  • Size #5 – Spray pattern: 1/16″- 1 1/2″ (1.07 mm Tip opening) for use with heavy fluids
  • Dual-action mechanism
  • Internal Mix

*Clean dry air is essential for best results.
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