Createx Illustration Bloodline Old Bone White x 60ml

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SKU: CTX-5035-02

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Art No: CTX-5035-02 – Createx Illustration Bloodline Old Bone White x 60ml

Created by Tim Gore, Createx Illustration Bloodline colours are especially made to give your creatures, humanoid or monster models that realistic Blood and Gore effects.

Createx Illustrion Bloodline are:

  • Refined, water-based airbrush colours made for true fine-line, detailed task
  • Re-wettable, which enables you to do subtle erasing techniques
  • Easy to erase within the first 48 hours after application
  • Lightfast – it has the same exterior pigments as Wicked Colors and Auto-Air

Some recommendations:

  • Createx Illustration Bloodline are designed exclusively for airbrush application
  • They are not designed as a base colour. If you need paints for larger areas and base coats, use Wicked Colors, Wicked Detail Colors and Auto-Air Colors
  • If you need to make some changes on  your work, do so within 48 hours of application. After 48 hours, it will be as difficult to erase as Wicked Colors.
  • To create a glossy effect, apply a urethane clear top coat.
  • Use reducer or transparent base to adjust viscosity and transparency, however it is not necessary. You can apply Createx Illustration Bloodline straight out of the bottle.
  • It is best applied with fine nozzles down to 0.15 mm, and at low PSI setting.



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