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Bambi VT400D Oil Free Compressor with Dryer

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Part No: VT400D – Bambi VT400D Oil Free Compressor with Dryer

The Bambi VT range probably has one the lowest noise levels of any oil free compressor available in the market. Thus, it’s the ideal air compressor choice for critical applications such as dentistry, laboratories, hospital ventilators, food packaging, drink dispensing, and anywhere else that requires low maintenance.

All VT models, including the Bambi VT400D, whether they come with or without dryer, has a “soft start” solenoid valve, which releases the air pressure in the pump when not in use. This feature protects compressor from overload and extends its service. They are also fitted with anti-corrosion internally coated air receivers to keep the air free from contamination.

All VT models are available in D version, which comes with Air Dryer designed to guarantee “desert dry” air. The multi row, fan assisted after-cooler lowers the air temperature before it enters the dryer. This significantly reduces the air temperature and allows the filter to gather and eliminate water droplets as tiny as 0.01 microns. Thus removing 99% of moisture before the absorption system dries the air right now.

The dryer is made from high quality “Inox” stainless steel, and it regenerates itself every time the compressor cycles so it doesn’t need regular maintenance. It also has an integral downstream HE dust filter that removes lingering dust.


  • Soft start valve
  • Internally coated receiver
  • Sequential start


  • Output = 440 lpm at free air
  • Max Pressure = 8 bar/120 psi
  • Air Receiver = 100 litre
  • Max Duty Cycle = 50% (output figures must be halved to attain actual output.)
  • Volts/Hz = 220/240V/50Hz or 110V/60Hz
  • Kw/HP = 3.0kW /4.0 HP
  • dB(A) = 76
  • Weight = 107 kg
  • Dimensions (w x h x d)CM = 78 x 115 x 52
  • -40 Deg C Dew point with 50% Duty Cycle
Model L/Min Ltrs Bar  kW HP  Volts/Hz dB(A) Kg CM – hxwxd
VT400 440 100 8 3.0 4.0 220-240/50 76 107 78 x 115 x 52
FAD 1 Bar 2 Bar 3 Bar 4 Bar 5 Bar 6 Bar 7 Bar 8 Bar
L/min 386 356 328 300 284 260 244 232
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To download the operator’s handbook click here.
1 Year Warranty on the Motor and 3 Year Warranty on the Tank

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Weight 80 kg


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