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Arism Compressor & Harder and Steenbeck Ultra 2024 Kit

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Part No: C-AR-ULTRA2024 – Sparmax ARISM Compressor with Harder and Steenbeck ULTRA 2024 Beginners Airbrush Kit

Ideal for beginners and professionals alike who require an affordable beginners airbrush kit that will be flexible enough to do a wide variety of applications.

What’s included:

Sparmax ARISM Compressor (C-AR-ARISM)

This compressor is specially aimed at airbrush enthusiasts and artists looking for a powerful compressor that’s compact and light weight. When used with an airbrush air bleed valve and SilverBullet moisture trap (included), you’ll get an extended airbrush handle that’s comfortable to hold and better airflow control.

The Arism compressor is a low-maintenance, oil-less piston air compressor, with an on/off switch of 25psi/35psi. The compressor automatically turns on when you press your airbrush trigger, providing instant air, and turns the compressor off again when the airbrush is not in use. It weighs just 2.6 kg and with noise level at 49±dB.


Harder & Steenbeck Ultra 2024 (120231)

We are Celebrating Harder and Steenbeck’s 100th anniversary by showcasing the world’s first radical new ULTRA AIRBRUSH – engineered to teach the perfect double action trigger technique to first-time painters, by design.

The NEW ULTRA 2024 debuts three innovations!

The Start Control trigger design is engineered to eliminate common beginner mistakes featuring a full double action trigger system.

The Colour Control is a 5 step system that allows the perfect trigger settings for priming, basing, glazing and the 3 stages of highlighting.

The Clog Control system uses a headset which enables the user to see the needle tip. This allows for easy cleaning but also protects it from any damage. A clean needle tip is paramount for no colour clogging so the ULTRA 2024 will seamlessly help you start your airbrushing journey.