SOS (Save Our Spray) Emergency Cleaning Kit

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Part Code : Z-SOS-KIT

The SOS (Save Our Spray) Emergency Cleaning Kit includes 10 key items used by repair specialists, to clean and restore airbrushes to their perfect working condition.


Liquid Reamer:

Premi Air Liquid Reamer is a highly recommended end-of-session airbrush cleaner for extra thorough cleaning of solvent-based and oil-based paints.

You can use the straw to direct the aerosol spray at the airbrush nozzle and front parts of your airbrush, up into where the bottle attaches on a bottom-feed airbrush or down into the cup of a gravity feed airbrush. The cleaner softens and dissolves hardened paint deposits. Then flush through with your usual thinners or cleaner.

You can also remove the front-end parts of the airbrush and soak them in Reamer in the plastic cup provided. Paint can build up in the nozzle cap and obstruct the hole which the nozzle protrudes through.

The Liquid Reamer cleaner contains Xylene and Acetone. Avoid contact with the skin and eyes, do not breathe the vapour, and keep away from sources of ignition.

Dental Brushes (1x white 0.35mm and 1x orange 0.45mm):

These fine and flexible brushes are solvent resistant and ideal for the narrowest of areas including the nozzle. They have an extendable handle and ergonomic design. We include one of each size in the kit. We would not recommend though that the brush is forced through the narrow end of the nozzle.

Micro-Brushes (2x pink and 2x black):

These micro brushes are made of high quality microfibre. They are soft, flexible and lint free. They are also ideal for narrow, hard to reach areas and can pick up particles of paint that have been dislodged by the dental brushes. Although not solvent resistant they are safe to use with all other cleaners.

30ml Measuring Cup (x2):

These sturdy multipurpose cups are solvent resistant and are ideal for soaking small parts in Liquid Reamer or other cleaners.

Microfibre cloth (colour may vary):

Ultra-soft and highly absorbent microfibre cleaning cloth which is lint free and machine washable. Ideal for absorbing fluids whilst cleaning airbrush parts.

This CFC-free aerosol is classed as hazardous goods ‘Class 2:Aerosols’ (UN 1950), so we cannot send it through the post.

Orders within the UK mainland for Liquid Reamer will have to go by DPD

We are not able to ship this product outside of the UK.