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Neo For Iwata Modelling Airbrush Kit

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Part No: Z-MODEL-NEO – Neo For Iwata Modelling Airbrush Kit

If you’re looking for a  portable modelling airbrush kit that takes very little space, this kit is an excellent choice. It has everything you need to achieve the perfect finish to your models. 

The Neo for Iwata range of airbrushes and air compressors are very versatile and represent excellent value for money. They suitable to use with various paint and mediums, and they work well at lower pressure.

What’s included in this  Modelling Airbrush Kit?

The Airbrush: Neo for Iwata CN

The Neo for Iwata CN gravity feed airbrush is considerably a cheap but of higher quality compared to other airbrushes in its price range. And it’s backed with Iwata’s usual 5 year warranty.

It’s a versatile, value-priced airbrush that can be used with a variety of different paints and medium, suited best for work on small to medium sized areas. Suitable for beginners to professionals for all applications. They have been designed and produced to Iwata-Medea produced to perform well at lower air pressures when used with smaller air compressors, although  siphon feed airbrushes require slightly higher air pressures to pull paint up from inside the attached bottle.

For £5.00 surcharge, you can upgrade to a Neo for Iwata BCN.

The Compressor: Neo Air for Iwata Miniature Air Compressor

The Neo Air Miniature Compressor is compact, portable reliable and quiet. It is an ideal portable airbrush compressor if you have limited space. And it works well on low pressure. The Neo Air works with most gravity fed airbrushes, and is suitable for home, mobile or occasional use. To protect the motor, the Neo Air compressor will automatically shut-off after 10 minutes of continuous use.

This kit comes with Neo for Iwata CN as standard.

If you’re working in medium to large sized areas with a larger amount of paint, it’s recommended to upgrade the airbrush to Neo for Iwata BCN. Siphon feed bottles have more paint capacity and since they are interchangeable, extra bottles can be filled with a variety of colours to make for quick colour changes.

This kit is recommended for light use only. If you need a heavier duty compressor, check out tour other model making kits.

This kit also comes with the following:

*Aerosol products, some paints and cleaning solutions are classed as hazardous goods. For this kit, we will replace the Premi Air Liquid Reamer and Foaming Airbrush cleaner with and 8 oz Medea Airbrush cleaner.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

LifeColor Tensocrom Set 2 (6 x 22ml) TSC02, LifeColor Tensocrom Set 1 (6 x 22ml) TSC01, LifeColor Rust & Dust Set (6 x 22 ml) CS10, LifeColor Flesh (6 x 22ml) CS13, LifeColor Weathered Wood Set (6 x 22ml) CS20, LifeColor Rail Weathering Set (6 x 22ml) CS21


Neo for Iwata BCN + £5.00, Neo for Iwata CN, Neo for Iwata TRN1 + £80.00, Neo for Iwata TRN2 + £80.00


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