Createx Bleed Checker 4oz (120ml)

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SKU: CTX-4040-04

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Createx CTX-4040-04 Bleed Checker is a water-based, acrylic – urethane specialty clear for application over Candy2o. It prevents Candy2o dyes from leaching (“bleeding”) into top-coated colours. Best for use with airbrush application of Candy2o – use 2k clear for heavy candy coats. 4040 replaces the need to apply a catalysed urethane clear over Candy2o to “lock-down” the dyes.

4040 is recommended for all candy2o applications when any colour or non-catalysed paint material is applied over candy2o.

4040 works to prevent leaching with other types of dye-based colours including solvent-based candy colours.

4040 is recommended for use as an inter-coat clear with all Createx Paints. It is durable and highly chemical resistant after curing. Suitable for exterior applications.

4040 may be mixed with Candy2o as a replacement for 4030 Balancing Clear. Compared with 4030, Candy2o mixed with 4040 dries quicker and dyes will not bleed, however, colours will not flow and level as well as when 4030 is used as the mixing clear. 4040 is recommended as the mixing clear when making anodized candy colours with 4104 Quicksilver. When used as a mix additive, less 4040 is added to colours compared to mixing colours with 4030.

Refer to 4040 Bleed Checker Tech Data Sheet for more information