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TC-610H Quantum Compressor Kit With Harder and Steenbeck Airbrush

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Part Number : Z-QUO-KIT : Sparmax TC-610H Quantum Compressor Kit With Harder and Steenbeck Airbrush and NuWorlds Paint Set.

The Sparmax TC-610H Quantum Orange Compressor Kit is ideal for beginners and professionals alike who require an affordable beginners airbrush kit that will be flexible enough to do a wide variety of applications.

What’s included:

Harder and Steenbeck Airbrush : 

Harder & Steenbeck manufacture high quality airbrushes in their factory in the north of Hamburg. High quality designs from initial concept, they are engineered for performance, ease of use and comfort. Each is built from high quality materials entirely sourced in Europe.

Made with pride and care, each of their precise airbrushes is finished by highly experienced technicians to ensure you are completely satisfied with your airbrush from the moment you pick it up!

Sparmax TC-610H Quantum Compressor : 

Add some zest to your workbench with the latest addition to the Sparmax range of compressors. The Quantum Orange Compressors feature everything you need for hobby painting to high volume spraying, finished in a striking Orange Metallic Pearl colour. They also feature two Quick Releases to disconnect your hose with ease.

The Sparmax TC-610H Quantum Orange compressor provides a powerful airflow (23-26 lpm), delivering close to doubled airflow which can meet the needs of airbrush enthusiasts and professionals alike. It features a 2.5L air tank system which helps to provide a consistent airflow with minimal pulsations. It has ample power for any airbrushing task and is suitable for professional airbrush users doing general or extended airbrush applications.

Being automatic, when the TC-610H Quantum Orange air tank pressure falls below 40psi, the compressor runs to recharge the tank back to 60psi and then switches off – the compressor runs to the demand of the air tank, rather than switching on/off every time the airbrush trigger is pressed.

The TC-610H Quantum Orange is fitted with an adjustable pressure regulator, moisture filter and pressure gauge. This also features 2 x 1/8 BSP air outlets; both with quick disconnect fittings (female) for easy disconnection of the hose. Two 3M braided hoses are also included with quick disconnect (male) fittings. With the extra air outlet, you can now connect airbrushes beforehand and switch between the two with ease. This offers clean and stable air, controlled for your desired applications. Airbrush adaptors (Aztek, Badger, Paasche) are also supplied with this compressor. Duty cycle: 60 minutes continuous use. Please allow the motor to rest for at least 20 minutes after each cycle of continuous use.

Medea NuWorlds Paint Set : 

Painting shouldn’t be complicated. That’s why we designed a specially pigmented formula with a comprehensive colour range. These paints have been developed with a unique blend of resins and additives to make them ideal for painting minis and more. Now it’s easier than ever to build dynamic layers with hyper realistic depth. Enter new realms in your mini painting experience with Medea NuWorlds Paint. Let Creation Begin.

Medea NuWorlds Paints simplify the process:

  • Using only Opaque and Transparent colours and one Wash Medium
  • Multiple pigments per colour build realistic depth with less layers and less steps
  • Mix any colour with Medea NuWorlds Paint MLG Wash Medium with any NuWorlds Paint colour to create perfectly weathered layers and aged effects
  • True Metallic colours create authentic metal looks instantly
  • Every colour is airbrush and hand-brush ready

NuWorlds is a direct to mini formula:

  • Means no primer needed!
  • This chemically balanced formula has superior adhesion and unrivalled durability to virtually any surface
  • True multi-surface paint for gaming, scale modelling, figure painting, fishing lures and beyond!

Medea NuWorlds Paint Warm Impenetrable Set includes:

    • Medea NuWorlds Paint Impenetrable Yellow, 1 oz
    • Medea NuWorlds Paint Impenetrable Chrome Yellow, 1 oz
    • Medea NuWorlds Paint Impenetrable Orange, 1 oz
    • Medea NuWorlds Paint Impenetrable Red, 1 oz

*Aerosol products, some paints and cleaning solutions are classed as hazardous goods. For this kit, we will replace the Premi Air Liquid Reamer and Foaming Airbrush cleaner with and 8 oz Medea Airbrush cleaner for international orders.


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